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Copenhagen Fashion Week-2020

Copenhagen Fashion Week-2020

Each season, Copenhagen Fashion Week welcomes esteemed press, buyers and influencers to four days of…

YDE by Ole Yde 2016 CPHW Collection

YDE by Ole Yde S/S 2016 Collection

The collection YDE mixes elements of tradition, fairy tales and femininity. The aim of the…

Lala Berlin 2016 CPHW Collection

Lala Berlin S/S 2016 Collection

Back in 2010 the influential British fashion critic Suzy Menkes confessed: “I like lala Berlin!”lala…

Jean // Phillip 2016 CPHW Collection

Jean // Phillip S/S 2016 Collection

Jean//phillip is a fashion brand based in Copenhagen, founded by the designer Jean-phillip in 2007.…

Ivan Grundahl 2016 CPHW Collection

Ivan Grundahl S/S 2016 Collection

IVAN GRUNDAHL has become well known in Scandinavian countries in the last 30 years. He…

Henrik Vibskov 2016 CPHW Collection

Henrik Vibskov S/S 2016 Collection

Henrik Vibskov !The name Henrik Vibskov is most commonly associated not only with a fashion…

Malene Birger 2016 CPHW Collection

Malene Birger S/S 2016 Collection

Malene Birger continues to surprise and seduce her global arena of fashion fans addicted to…

Bruuns Bazaar 2016 CPHW Collection

Bruuns Bazaar S/S 2016 Collection

The Bruuns Bazaar can be a testament traditional, to legendary fashion and sexy having an…

Barbara I Gongini 2016 CPHW Collection

Barbara I Gongini S/S 2016 Collection

The collections present a different take on Nordic garments, derived from a conceptual approach towards…