6 Fashion Trends To Try Before Summer Is Over

It’s mid-July which means you’ve probably just reached the peak of your sunkissed summer glow. The sun is setting past 9 pm, the weather is getting hotter (too hot) and you’re wondering how to keep your summer romance going in the fall.

The season is flying by but summer isn’t over yet which means you still have time to try the hottest summer fashion trends of 2022.

This season’s trends will encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and make a statement. So while you’re debating between wearing a shade brighter than the sun or adding a body chain to your look (my vote is to do both), it’s important to remember that the greatest accessory for your outfit is an “I’m hot and I know it” attitude.

But you don’t have to just take my word for it. I spoke with supermodel Chanel Iman about her summer fashion tips for feeling and looking your best. Since Chanel Iman has walked in countless fashion shows and worn every trend before they’ve hit stores, I fully trust her input on this summer’s trends.

Iman says, “If I’ve learned anything throughout my career when it comes to fashion, it’s to be bold and confident when showing off your style – and most of all being yourself. This summer, bold patterns are a hit!”

1. Hot Pink Everything

Right now, the name of the fashion game is “the brighter, the better” and hot pink are just about as bright as it gets. The shade first rose in popularity when Valentino made it the one and only color on its runway last season and pretty much every celebrity has worn it since! Just when it seemed like pink couldn’t get any hotter, Barbiecore, the nostalgic bimbo fashionista look, resurfaced.

Coincidentally (or not so much), photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling decked out in pink on the set of the upcoming Barbie movie were released at the same time. I predict that bright colors will last through the fall but summer is definitely the peak time to wear them.

If wearing a completely hot pink outfit is daunting, take some advice from model Chanel Iman and incorporate neons within your accessories. “Since my style is more colorful and laid back, taking a simple dress and making it pop with accessories is always my favorite way to elevate my summer looks,” Iman says.

Slinky High Neck O-ring Dress

This hot pink dress with cut-out detailing is the perfect way to make a statement for a summer dinner or night on the town. Plus, if you want to tone it down, you can always wear a neutral-colored blazer on top.

2. More Mesh

Dressing for summer heat often means ditching layers and outfit elements that add detail in order to stay cool which is why I love the mesh trend so much. Mesh adds texture and dimension to any look and can be worn for any occasion.

For example, a mesh dress without a slip is the perfect swimsuit coverup or a mesh tank can be paired with layered jewelry and baggy jeans for an effortlessly cool day look. My favorite iteration of the trend is crisp white mesh dresses (like the one pictured above). Pair the dress with a contrasting bag and bright shoes to complete the look.

Openwork Cotton Dress

This cut-out dress from Mango comes with a slip underneath and hits right above the knee. The mesh overlay is supposed to be a bit oversized so don’t be afraid to size up.

3. Woven Handbags

Only using a woven bag for days by the ocean? Beach, please. The beach bag has been downsized and is ready to be carried from the city to the country, to the pool, and back again. Designers like Loewe, Balenciaga, and Prada have created durable versions of braided basket bags that are meant to be carried as handbags.

The material and shape are obviously perfect for summer and are a great way to bring the coastal grandmother vibe to your everyday life. Whether you pick a colorful iteration or stick with the classic neutral tones,

Mini Santorini Tote

If you’re torn between neutrals and color, this DeMellier mini-woven tote will give you the best of both worlds. It’s small enough to carry as a handbag but still will fit over your shoulder.

4. Full-On Feathers

Are you attending a formal wedding? Feathers would look great for that. Maybe you’ve planned a big birthday party? A feather mini dress is a must. Or if you just like to dress up for your daily coffee run, then you’re probably already wearing sleeves with feather trim to impress the barista. Feathers are without a doubt the most fun fashion trend to take over this summer.

Beaded Mini Dress With Feather Cuff

ASOS has the best selection of sparkly feather occasion dresses and I’m absolutely obsessed with this orange one (and just purchased it). The feather sleeves are oversized in the best way and you won’t be able to move your arm without getting 100 compliments.

5. Slip Dresses

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or have time blocked out to swipe left or right, a slip dress is an ultimate look for a date night, and model Chanel Iman agrees. “I love being comfortable and dresses do just the trick. For date night I’ll opt for a summer closet staple – a little black dress,” Iman says.

Slips work great as LBDs or they can be played up with bright colors or patterns. Not only is a slip dress sexy, but it’s also very versatile. You can wear them on their own, over a t-shirt, or with a blazer or cardigan depending on your date night itinerary.

Sun fade Slip Dress

This floral slip dress is extra flirty with the lace detailed hem. Pair it with kitten heels and a sparkly shoulder bag and everyone will be crushing on you.

6. The Body Chain

Calling all the fashion maximalists! A body chain will take your look and accessories to the next level. Body chains look great with a bikini, a crop top, or layered over baggy jeans in the summer—if you need further inspo, Hailey Bieber’s entire Instagram page is basically a body chain fan account.

While I wish the trend would stick around all year, it’s hard to layer a body chain over a thick wool sweater (though I dare you to try it). This is definitely a trend to try before fall comes around.

Cuban Belly Chain

This body chain is simple and will subtly add some shine and draw attention to your waist.