The 5 Shoe Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Do you feel like breaking in a new pair of shoes for the next season? The top summer shoe trends for 2023 should be studied first. Sometimes, finding the ideal pair of shoes for your summer wardrobe might seem more like a task than you would want.

You may desire a pair of adorable summer shoes that you can wear all year long. You could also want a reliable set of walking shoes for your regular strolls. Of course, Maguire has you covered if you want to accomplish all of that plus capitalize on the biggest trends of the day.

The fashion director has a pulse on the newest items to enter the market, so she is already aware of the major summer footwear trends.

See what she claims are the top summer shoe styles you can start wearing right now by scrolling down. And after you’ve completed your collection of summer shoes, be sure to complete your outfit with the greatest summer 2023 fashion trends.


This summer, platforms—including flatforms—will be prominent, she predicts.
“Platforms give you a little additional height and draw attention to your legs; pairs from Cult Gaia seem uber-retro and incredibly on-trend,” the author said.


With their preppy appearance, loafers can be seen as more of a cold-weather shoe.
So don’t be deceived by it. In summer, this closed-toe shoe will still be very popular, according to Maguire. In other words, now is the time to get the greatest loafers if you haven’t already. (This is the best moment!)

Ballet Flats

Given that ballerina flats are one of the finest spring 2023 shoe styles to emerge from the runways, you may already be excited for their epic comeback (which, without a doubt, has a place in warm weather). No one is outraged about it, whether you blame it on the continued adoration of ballet core or the need for something nice and straightforward.

Mary Janes

Another yearly pattern that will undoubtedly succeed this summer? Mary Jane’s footwear.
This schoolgirl silhouette is a must-have for the summer of 2023, according to the fashion director.

And if you ask me, I wholeheartedly agree. They are guaranteed to draw attention everywhere you go, whether they are flat or low-heeled for a casual appearance or comfy high heels to give an ensemble an unexpected edge.

Vintage Sneakers

Sneakers often include popular motifs, and this season is no exception. So what is the precise fashion trend that Maguire is eyeing? trainers with a retro feel. This summer, trade in your traditional white sneakers or clunky sneakers for a pair of these for a more streamlined look.