Ralph & Russo Ready To Wear Spring Collection 2020

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Inspired by Miami Beach, Tamara Ralph offered a wardrobe that finally showcased what her well-heeled clientèle could wear between red carpet moments.

The bright pink set of Ralph & Russo’s first ready-to-wear runway outing, also appointed with palm trees, had something of Christo’s “Surrounded Islands.” Backstage, Tamara Ralph said she’d wanted to express “Miami Beach, a kind of fresh Seventies feel, a bit of a boudoir relaxed” vibe.

Out came marabout trim minidresses, silk kimono in swirling pastel hues and even a fluffy bathrobe (in snow-white mink) that wouldn’t look out of place in a Slim Aarons photo. It’ll be the perfect wardrobe if your idea of R&R in is an evening at San Vicente Bungalows, Hollywood’s latest no-photos-allowed hot spot.

But there were also cotton maxi dresses with a luxe boho vibe and easy options of pleated skirts with smart understated jackets. Oversize eyewear by Linda Farrow with chunky chains, fast shaping up as the season’s “It” accessory, and day bags also made an appearance.

Ralph has long been addressing the needs of a globe-trotting glamour squad, but here she added a sense that there is life beyond showstopper moments. Sneakers and furry slides made an appearance as an alternative to vertiginous heels. There was knitwear and even, gasp, sweatpants — a canny move given how much younger her clientèle seems to have become.