Moschino Resort Collection 2021

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Moschino could not host a presentation this season due to the coronavirus pandemic.

News that the European Union may ban American travellers due to U.S. coronavirus failures has major implications for Jeremy Scott, the creative director of Moschino. Scott calls California home, and Moschino is based in Milan.

Fittings for the spring 2021 show scheduled for September begin in a week and will be done entirely virtually. “This time is about finding my way around all the different obstacles, finding creativity and positivity, and trying to keep being upbeat about it,” Scott said.

The resort offers pictured here is in keeping with those sentiments, like so many of the Moschino collections Scott has designed before; his aesthetic and the houses aesthetic are as simpatico as they come.

But, in fact, this is his second go-around at the season; the first had to be scrapped. “Truthfully, I had started one and realized it wasn’t going to be the right mood,” Scott explained. It was early in the lockdown and he was worried about his colleagues in Italy, where the pandemic was hitting hard. What he came up with and what you see here was a love letter “from and to Moschino.”

There are polka dots, smiley faces and peace signs, Italian flag motifs, and the slogan tee—“I don’t speak Italian, but I do speak Moschino”—from Scott’s 2014 debut at the label.

“I just wanted to keep it joyful and alive and true to OG fans and new ones,” Scott said. We are living in a time of confusion and uncertainty. It asks of us no small amount of optimism and even more adaptability. Scott demonstrated both here.