Michael Kors Collection RTW Spring 2021

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The designer showed a collection of high-function luxury, one the designer said is right for now and 10 years from now.

If any designer out there has a congenital fashion predisposition to address the COVID-19 moment with sensitivity and style, it’s Michael Kors. The intersection of function, ease and luxury that gained new import as housebound became everyone’s dominant state isn’t something he had to brush up on acutely.

Rather, that fusion has formed the core of Kors’ work for nearly 40 years. Of course the pandemic heightened the intensity of the challenge for him as for everyone: Why should women buy luxe clothes for a life at home?

In a preview on Wednesday, Kors said the moment calls for “clothes and accessories that, number one, make you feel like your best self…it’s about confidence. It’s about things that feel wonderful on your skin.”