Lela Rose Pre Fall 2022 Collection

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Lela Rose has always been a colorful designer, but shoppers weren’t always on the same page.

Pre-pandemic, a common refrain among New York designers was that stores typically chose safe neutrals over risky vibrant hues.

Now, of course, we’re hearing the opposite: Bright, bold colors and prints are flying off the shelves. No one wants to re-emerge in shades of gray. In her gorgeous Garment District showroom, Rose was pleased to report that her cherry and orchid-striped separates (inspired by Dutch tulips and artists like Vermeer and Hieronymous Bosch) are already a huge hit, while similar styles in black and cream are getting less attention.

Similarly, she reported that buyers who typically stick to dresses and gowns are newly interested in her more playful, casual top-and-skirt sets.

All of that said, those looks were still firmly in Lela Rose’s wheelhouse: full skirts, juicy colors, painterly florals. The real surprise came near the end: a trio of color-blocked dresses in shocking neons.

It’s possible Rose has never used colors quite this fluorescent. A bustier dress in chartreuse, highlighter pink, and black was equal parts polished and audacious, and will likely attract a new, younger customer looking to make a major statement at next year’s weddings.

(Photos Credit: Vogue Runway)