Emilio Pucci Resort Collection 2021

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The brand’s design team rediscovered the aristocratic spirit of the Florentine fashion house delivering a sophisticated collection injected with effortless elegance.

Rediscovering the most authentic roots of the Emilio Pucci fashion house was the main goal of the brand’s design team for the resort season.

Some iconic staples of the quintessentially Emilio Pucci wardrobe, including pyjama sets, scarf shirts and kaftans, were revamped with a sophisticated, modern twist.

The kaleidoscopic pattern flamboyancy of previous seasons was replaced by a more delicate, refined and essential attitude, which reflected in the selection and re-colouration of delicate archival motifs. Infused with a graphic, arty spirit, they included views of Florence’s Baptistery of San Giovanni and sketches of the tiny charming streets of the Tuscan city.

Keeping the silhouettes uncomplicated and essential, the brand offered many styles, including kaftan dresses and deconstructed sartorial blazers, in solid shades of pink, blue and yellow. Jersey dresses, for example, were peppered by sensual cutouts on the back, while silk shirt dresses were punctuated by tone-on-tone feathers.

Playing with Fifties’ reminiscences, the brand succeeded at injecting a couture-like vibe into the collection, which seemed to reconnect the Emilio Pucci house with its authentic aristocratic roots.