Emanuel Ungaro Ready To Wear Spring Collection 2021

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The design studio re-interpreted archive pieces from the Eighties, updating them in an unfussy way for a post-COVID world.

Emanuel Ungaro’s design studio took its inspiration from couture runway photos from the Eighties, splashing them directly onto silk twill and jersey T-shirts as prints and translating their polka-dot and floral motifs into a pared-back collection of easy-to-wear looks.

By doing so, it intended to channel the house’s codes in an unfussy way that it hopes will have commercial appeal in the current context.

Stretch denim was one of the fabric choices, in white printed with black squircles, for example on jeans and a reversible denim jacket, or with a pale yet graphic floral motif, very reminiscent of the era, on a minidress.

Silk and jersey separate and frilled jersey knits completed the casual lineup, which included a black-and-white dress with flouncy silk sleeves and bodice, particularly cute paired with matching sneakers with spot details.