‘The View’: Whoopi Goldberg Slams Co-Host Anna Navarro after Guest Star ‘Cuts Her Off’ on Live TV

Whoopi Goldberg‘s argument with her co-host on “The View” is making headlines once more.

She recently lost her cool with her co-host Ana Navarro when the latter stopped the veteran actor while introducing a fresh subject on the midday talk show.

On Monday’s edition, the first since “The View” celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special Bahamas broadcast, the drama broke out. In their customary studio, Goldberg opened Monday’s episode with a discussion on the recent Roe v. Wade ruling by the Supreme Court. The veteran actress then brought up the fact that Judge Brett Kavanaugh had to leave his dinner through a D.C. steakhouse’s back door because of protestors there. According to The Sun, as Goldberg took a beat to let the studio audience react, Navarro broke the pause with her own comments. “As for Brett Kavanaugh, let me take out my little violin,” she stated before Goldberg cut her off. “Let me…let me just finish the thing,” the 66-year-old icon snapped back, appearing to be taken aback by the interruption. “And then go to it.” Before her co-host began to make her argument, Goldberg continued to set up the topic. Navarro is a temporary cast member as the network hunts for someone to take her position. Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Navarro, Goldberg, and Behar make up the talk show’s current cast. There are rumors that ‘The View’ will soon have a new, permanent cast member. Earlier this month, a show insider disclosed that the show would add a new conservative host to the cast. “I would expect an announcement before the season ends on August 5,” the source added. “If you watch the show, you can see people who are coming back regularly to join the co-hosts at the table,” they continued. The source added: “It is an invaluable experience for the show. And it was always the plan to make sure they had a seat at the table.” Meghan McCain, a former Republican commentator and the late John McCain’s daughter left “The Voice” last summer. The show’s followers now believe that the network has settled on three candidates. As per AmericanEntertainment, fans also speculate that Alyssa Farah Griffin could be a candidate. Griffin served as the Trump administration’s former director of strategic communications in the White House. Tara Setmayer is another possibility of making the rounds in the gossip columns. She formerly served as the GOP’s Capitol Hill communications director. As a prospective co-host, Lindsay Granger, the host of Daily Blast Live, has also been discussed. However, fans think ABC is “probably going to pick Alyssa at this point” but “feel Tara Setmayer should get the job” because “she has the best chemistry with the ladies and can disagree agreeably.” With more than 2.2 million viewers, “The View” claimed the top spot in Nielsen’s ratings for its Bahamas trip. No other daytime talk show has surpassed two million viewers as of now.