American Exchange Group Delves into Beauty Market with HatchCollective Acquisition

HatchCollective Acquisition
HatchCollective Acquisition

In a pivotal move, American Exchange Group, renowned for accessories and manufacturing, has finalized the acquisition of beauty and personal care titan, HatchCollective. The financial specifics remain undisclosed.

This acquisition signifies a significant extension of American Exchange Group’s existing portfolio and denotes its inaugural foray into the beauty domain. This maneuver aligns seamlessly with their broader ambition of diversified growth and targeting a comprehensive lifestyle spectrum.

Prior to this, the company made headways into the footwear niche, as evidenced by their acquisitions of Aerosoles and White Mountain just a couple of years back.

Post-acquisition, HatchCollective’s ensemble of esteemed cosmetics brands like NatureWell, Found Active, Orlando Pita Play, and Paint & Petals will be incorporated under the American Exchange umbrella.

In line with this transaction, HatchCollective will be rebranded as AX Beauty Brands. However, the essence of their product lineup remains untouched and will continue to grace shelves at notable retail giants such as Dillard’s, Macy’s, and the e-commerce behemoth, Amazon.

Speaking on the acquisition, the group’s CEO, Alen Mamrout remarked, “Our vision has consistently been holistic, focusing on a comprehensive brand spectrum. HatchCollective, with its reputable and scientifically-endorsed beauty and personal care products, resonates with this ethos.” He further emphasized the firm’s commitment to delivering contemporary products that amalgamate quality with affordability.