Uniqlo’s Owner Fast Retailing Sues Shein for Alleged Copycat Shoulder Bag


Fast Retailing, the parent company of fashion brand Uniqlo, has initiated legal action against Shein, accusing the Chinese fast-fashion retailer of plagiarizing one of Uniqlo’s popular shoulder bags.

Fast Retailing is seeking an immediate halt to the sales of the alleged imitation and is asking for compensation for the damages incurred.

The lawsuit was filed on December 28, 2023, as announced on Fast Retailing’s website. The company alleges that Shein has been selling a shoulder bag strikingly similar to Uniqlo’s design, which Fast Retailing argues undermines customer trust in Uniqlo’s brand and product quality.

Uniqlo’s shoulder bag gained significant recognition in 2023, featuring in the Lyst Index’s ‘Year in Fashion’ review as the most affordable product ever listed. The gender-neutral, half-moon-shaped bag has become Uniqlo’s best-selling item, priced at approximately 15 euros. Its popularity surged not through influencer marketing but via traditional word-of-mouth advertising, a testament to its appeal and success in the market.