Prince Charles ‘was still in love with Princess Diana’ despite messy divorce

Prince Charles had a tumultuous marriage with Princess Diana that ended in divorce, despite consisted attempts of trying to salvage it.

Charles was torn between Diana and his then-mistress Camilla Parker Bowles, who he had an extra-marital relationship with.

While Charles and Diana turned bitter towards each other, he still harboured affectionate feelings towards her.

As revealed by CNN Royal Correspondent Victoria Arbiter, “I think they were finally coming to find a common ground. It had been very difficult, very acrimonious,” she told Us Weekly.

“I think just before she died she had really found her calling. She was excited about the future. She’d let go of the past,” she added.

Despite the turmoil of the past, the duo wanted the best for their kids, Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Of course there were the still wobbles because it’s very difficult to co-parent when you’re divorced and even more so on a public platform, but I think they had moved beyond the really ugly stage of that relationship and they were embracing what the future had in store for both of them.”

Arbiter revealed Charles still loved Diana, despite their ugly divorce.

“They were officially divorced, but he did still love her. She was the mother of his children. I think they probably had matured. They let go of their ugliness and I think that the future was looking promising,” said Arbiter.

Arbiter goes on to describe how CNN documentary The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty gives an in-depth analysis about Charles and Diana’s marriage, as it ‘cuts through the drama, the soap opera nature and the salacious news headlines.’

“There’s a really nice moment in this documentary where it talks about when Prince Charles went to Paris to bring Diana home following her death. He was beyond devastated,” she concluded.