Casey DeSantis may be taking a swipe at Melania Trump by embracing the ‘Fully Supportive’ Wife narrative

Casey DeSantis
Casey DeSantis

Casey DeSantis may be taking a fashion cue from Melania Trump, but similarities between their husbands’ bids for the Republican Party nomination end there.

According to reports, the Florida first lady hopes to remain at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ side during his campaign, which appears to be Melania’s opposite tactic these days.

According to Yahoo News, voters should expect the couple to highlight their “equal partnership” on the campaign trail because Casey is always referred to as Ron’s “secret weapon” due to his less telegenic wife.

That’s turned into a powerful message, according to the Insider, who noted that “she both softens his image and hardens his positions, echoing his message through her own voice at events and on social media.”

Even though Donald Trump told The Messenger that Melania was “very enthused” about his third presidential candidacy, it’s easy to read between the lines after observing her time in the White House.

Melania’s lack of excitement for the post of the first lady was clear during their four years in Washington, D.C., despite residing in New York City for six months following the 2017 inauguration with her son Barron.

That is why Casey is moving into the spotlight as the “fully supportive” spouse who is eager to serve and is “engaged in her husband’s political rise.” According to the Insider, she’ll be visiting “all 99 counties in Iowa” with Ron this week, implying that this campaign is a family affair, as Donald Trump and Melania Trump have a hard time selling.