Prince Harry ‘will reach out to brother William as Prince of Wales celebrates his 41st birthday today

Prince William and Harry ‘won’t extend olive branch Diana statue
Prince William and Harry ‘won’t extend olive branch Diana statue

Prince Harry is expected to reach out to his older brother, Prince William, on the occasion of William’s 41st birthday, according to Grant Harrold, a former royal butler. Harrold, who previously worked for Prince Charles, believes that the rumored rift between the royal siblings could be resolved.

Harrold, known for his tradition of giving gifts to Prince Charles on special occasions, suggests that Harry may also send a birthday card to William. Despite their limited public appearances together since Harry and Meghan’s departure from royal duties (referred to as “Megxit”), Harrold believes that the brothers might still be in contact.

Although it was reported that the two brothers did not spend any time together during their father’s coronation in May, Harrold reminds us that headlines may not always reflect what occurs behind closed doors, told ED.

When asked about the possibility of Harry extending birthday wishes to William, Harrold responded optimistically, stating that in families, even after falling out, relationships can still be mended. He firmly believes that Harry will reach out to William on his birthday.

Harrold also considers the intriguing notion that Harry and William may have already reconciled. He hopes that their spouses, Kate and Meghan, are included in similar gestures for their birthdays as well.

Acknowledging the speculation around secret meetings between the brothers, such as during the coronation, Harrold points out that they may be in contact and working towards resolving their differences. He expresses his desire for them to remember each other’s birthdays. In a lighthearted tone, Harrold suggests that a simple gathering over cups of tea and slices of birthday cake could be a perfect way to sort everything out.