Coty Partners with Marni for Long-Term Beauty and Fragrance Venture

Coty Partners with Marni
Coty Partners with Marni

Coty, a global beauty giant, has announced a strategic licensing partnership with the Italian luxury fashion brand Marni.

This collaboration is set to bring forth a new line of fragrances and beauty products, extending well into the 2040s. Coty, known for its extensive portfolio in fragrances, color cosmetics, and skin and body care, anticipates the debut of this new range by 2026.

Sue Nabi, Coty’s CEO, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting Marni’s innovative and youthful luxury appeal, especially strong in Asia and Europe. The agreement is part of Coty’s strategic focus on fashion-centric licenses with the potential for cross-category appeal in key markets. Coty aims to translate Marni’s distinctive visual style and brand ethos into a premium beauty line that promises a unique and sophisticated consumer experience.

Marni’s CEO, Barbara Calò, sees this alliance as a significant milestone in expanding the brand’s influence beyond fashion, enhancing the overall brand experience with the introduction of beauty products that align with Marni’s creative vision. This move is also seen as an opportunity for Marni to redefine its brand boundaries and strengthen its presence in the luxury segment.

Furthermore, this deal reinforces Coty’s relationship with OTB Group, Marni’s parent company, following a recent license renewal with Jil Sander. OTB Group’s CEO, Ubaldo Minelli, views this partnership as a testament to the strategic collaboration with Coty and an opportunity for Marni to creatively express its values in the beauty and fragrance domain, thus solidifying its luxury positioning.