Queen Camilla Remains Neutral as King Charles and Princess Kate Differ on Prince George’s Increasing Role in the Royal Family


According to recent news from Marie Claire, the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, is open to the idea of her eldest son, Prince George, taking on an expanded role within the royal family.

This aligns with the wishes of King Charles, who sees the potential for George to have a more active role, similar to his recent participation as a Page of Honor at his grandfather’s Coronation. However, Kate has one condition: she wants to have a say in defining the nature of these roles.

Sources suggest that Kate and Charles share certain similarities in their views on the monarchy. Both have a deep appreciation for what the institution represents and feel a strong sense of duty towards Britain and the Commonwealth. They also share the late Queen Elizabeth II’s belief in the royal tradition of “never complain, never explain.” However, their perspectives differ when it comes to the modern operation of the monarchy in 2023.

Occasionally, Kate and the King find themselves at odds when it comes to parenting decisions for the future heir to the throne. For instance, Charles supports the idea of sending George (as well as his siblings, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis) to boarding school, echoing his own experience and that of his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. On the other hand, Kate is not fond of this notion, and as a result, their children do not attend boarding school at Lambrook, where they have been students since September.

Kate is also determined to avoid the traditional “heir and spare” dynamic that has affected William and Harry. She desires her three children to be treated as equals. Nevertheless, she is open to George assuming additional responsibilities within the royal institution due to his position as the eldest.

However, the source emphasizes that Kate’s approval is a prerequisite for any such decisions. She firmly asserts that the King’s word is not final when it comes to her children. Should this stance cause a rift or even a full-scale conflict, Kate is prepared to stand her ground.

The OK magazine reports that Queen Camilla, despite being a fan of Kate, does not interfere in these disagreements. A source reveals that as the Queen Consort, Camilla supports Charles’ decisions.

George will turn 10 in July, and both William and Kate understand that as he enters his teenage years, their influence over his upbringing will diminish. Therefore, for the next three years, they are committed to safeguarding his well-being as much as possible, according to an insider. While Kate remains loyal to the royal family, the happiness of her children takes precedence, as confirmed by the source.

William, who also grew up in the royal spotlight as an heir to the throne, shares a similar perspective. He wants George to experience a genuine and normal environment, rather than being confined within palace walls.

As a result, he defers to Kate and allows her to take the lead in determining George’s evolving role within the royal institution, as he prefers to avoid conflict with his father, Charles, according to a source.