Burberry Foundation and Save the Children: Empowering Young Ukrainians for a Brighter Future

Burberry Foundation
Burberry Foundation

The Burberry Foundation, the charitable arm established by Burberry Group plc in 2008, has embarked on a significant initiative in collaboration with Save the Children to provide support to young individuals affected by the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

This joint effort, known as ‘Life Chances,’ is a comprehensive program designed to aid young Ukrainian refugees in their journey toward recovery. The initiative focuses on enhancing their educational and career prospects, improving their social and emotional well-being, and empowering them to take on active roles as agents of change within their communities.

The ‘Life Chances‘ program, scheduled to operate exclusively in Poland until June 2025, is tailored to cater to Ukrainian refugees aged 14-18. This initiative addresses the challenges faced by these young individuals as they adapt to life in Poland, considering that only 44 percent of Ukrainian children were enrolled in local schools at the end of the 2022/2023 academic year, according to a report by Save the Children.

Developed in consultation with Ukrainian refugees, the program is set to be fully operational in November and will subsequently expand its reach to young people in Poland. Key elements of the program include language support, including Polish language lessons to facilitate better integration into society, academic tutoring, and career guidance, along with vital mental health and psychosocial support.

Moreover, the program will incorporate activities aimed at nurturing social connections and promoting cohesion, allowing participants to develop essential skills, competencies, behaviors, and attitudes required to pursue their aspirations and become integral members of their local communities.

All program activities will be conducted through libraries and various community spaces throughout Poland, ensuring that young individuals have access to information, culture, technology, and a secure environment in which they can meet others and unlock their full potential.

Nicole Lovett, the Responsibility Programme Director at Burberry, expressed, “Save the Children plays a pivotal role in ensuring young people across the globe are safe, healthy, and are given the tools they need to reach their full potential.” This partnership underscores the commitment of both organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of young Ukrainians during these challenging times.

“The Burberry Foundation is proud to partner with them on Life Chances, a program that will help the thousands of young people impacted by the crisis to recover, grow, and create opportunities for a better future.”