When Bella Hadid wore a dramatic Schiaparelli Gown at Cannes

Bella ramatic Schiaparelli Gown Cannes 2021
Bella ramatic Schiaparelli Gown Cannes 2021

Bella Hadid effortlessly nailed her red-carpet appearance, donning a stunning black gown with a plunging neckline that perfectly complemented her lung-shaped necklace.

The highly anticipated 76th Cannes Film Festival, renowned as one of the most prestigious film festivals worldwide, is set to commence on May 16 and continue until May 27. Year after year, we eagerly anticipate the festival’s arrival, along with the glamorous red carpet affair.

The red carpet at this esteemed event attracts A-listers from both the film and fashion industries, serving as a platform for introducing fresh trends to the world. The Cannes Film Festival captivates our attention for various reasons, including the bold fashion statements showcased by celebrities and their representation of their respective home countries’ traditions and cultures.

Bella Hadid’s appearance at the 74th Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet undoubtedly left an indelible impression. Her stunning look during the festival has become iconic, forever etched in the annals of memorable red carpet moments.

On the sixth day of the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Bella Hadid graced the premiere of the Italian film “Tre Piani” (Three Floors), captivating her fans and leaving a lasting mark on the glamorous event. Bella Hadid, serving as the muse for fashion house Schiaparelli, exuded sheer elegance in her choice of a black gown for the red carpet.

She graced the occasion in a sleek, long gown with bodycon details, featuring full sleeves and a captivating plunging neckline. However, what truly stole the spotlight was her remarkable brass necklace, meticulously designed to resemble intricate lung passageways.

In a post describing her look, the designer house explained, “Bella Hadid wore a long-sleeved dress in wool crepe with a low-cut neckline, accompanied by a gilded brass necklace shaped like trompe lungs, embellished with dazzling rhinestones.”