Beckham’s former bodyguard opens up about Victoria and David’s ‘unfiltered lives’

Victoria Beckham Husband David
Victoria Beckham Husband David

Craig Ainsworth, a former bodyguard who has worked closely with celebrities like Johnny Depp and Arnold Schwarzenegger, offered a rare glimpse into the dynamics of one of the world’s most high-profile couples, David and Victoria Beckham. Between 2013 and 2015, Ainsworth served as the protector for the Beckhams at their Holland Park residence in London, witnessing firsthand the inner workings of their family life.

In a detailed interview with The Daily Mail, Ainsworth shared insights into the family’s everyday life, noting particularly Victoria Beckham’s assertive presence as a defining force in the Beckham household. Ainsworth’s observations come with the weight of experience, as he has shielded numerous stars from public intrusion.

He reflected on the family’s portrayal in their documentary, confirming its authenticity and highlighting the often-understated power dynamics within households. “I feel most women are in charge and just let us men feel like we’re in charge half the time,” Ainsworth mused, alluding to Victoria’s subtle but firm control over family affairs. Despite this, he remarked that both David and Victoria maintained high levels of professionalism.

David Beckham, known for his football legacy and global celebrity status, impressed Ainsworth with his charisma. “David was charming,” he recounted, noting that even someone accustomed to mingling with celebrities could not help but be taken by David’s personable nature.

On the other hand, Victoria, a former pop star turned fashion mogul, was more reserved according to Ainsworth. She divided her time between her commitments to her children and her burgeoning fashion empire. The scrutiny that the Beckhams have faced over the years seems to have had little adverse impact on their children, whom Ainsworth described as “well-behaved.”

The couple’s relationship, as he saw it, was built on a foundation of mutual honesty and gentle ribbing—a dynamic illustrated when David poked fun at Victoria in their documentary for her self-described “working-class” background, despite being chauffeured to school in a Rolls-Royce.

Ainsworth’s account not only sheds light on Victoria’s role in the Beckham partnership but also underscores the couple’s dedication to their family and careers, all while navigating the challenges of their intense public exposure with grace. His testimony contributes to the larger narrative of their lives, adding a layer of understanding to our perception of celebrities and the realities of their private lives.